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Accelerate Integrative Family Wellness is the hopeful and supportive space you've been looking for - where families receive a whole body, brain-based approach to healing and wellness.

Our Providers have a special focus on pregnant mamas, infants with oral ties, and kiddos ages 4-10 with speech, social, emotional, or behavioral issues.


We listen to your whole story

We are a family-focused chiropractic clinic in St. Cloud, MN with a passion for neurology. From in-utero through early childhood, we can ensure you and your child are getting top-notch care. Our practice combines the newest diagnostic tests, gentle hands-on techniques, innovative brain-based physiotherapy, and effective metabolic interventions to apply a whole-person approach to patient care. We do this because we have kids and we have been in your shoes! We've searched for answers, endured developmental struggles, been through several frenectomies, and advocated fiercely for our family. Health is our top priority, from a functional and brain-based perspective.

Chiropractic and craniosacral therapy for babies near St. Cloud, MN
pregnancy chiropractor in St. Cloud MN
Chiropractic and craniosacral therapy for babies near St. Cloud, MN


  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Chiropractic care - promoting optimal neurological development for both mom and baby

  • Neuro-Nutrition - your gut health dictates your brain health, and how you metabolize or absorb certain nutrients matters

  • Functional Medicine - Bring on your complex history and previous lab results, we'll connect the puzzle pieces with you

  • Wellness Visits - regular adjustments for maintenance of you or your kid's nervous system

  • Tongue & Lip Tie Care - We are the local experts for lip, tongue, and buccal ties and offer comprehensive, interdisciplinary pre- and post-frenectomy care in one place. Ask us about our "Hope for TOTs" program!

  • Neuropathy - Holistic and effective treatments for symptoms without medication

  • Soft Tissue Work (myofascial release) - Custom blend of fascial techniques to resolve chronic pain and improve the efficacy of adjustments.


"I am so thankful to Dr. Erika, Dr. Dave, and the whole Accelerate team! I don’t think I would still be breastfeeding if it wasn’t for Dr. Erika referring Arlo for the tongue tie revision and all the incredible support that followed. The revision fixed the physical hurdles, but Arlo had to relearn how to breastfeed, which the TOTs program helped us with so much! This program was also just so helpful as a first time mom, as Dr. Erika is so warm and kind and knowledgeable in all things baby! We are so happy to have the Accelerate team as part of our village"

Dr. Erika chiropractor testimonial
Dr. Erika chiropractor testimonial
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